How do you assess the quality of your rotors or assemblies?

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Quality you can measure

How do you assess the quality of your rotors or assemblies? Do you know how your balancing process is performing at any point in time?

Various parameters document the condition of your test specimen as well as the quality of your balancing process. This information can be used for a continuous improvement of your products and as evidence of the quality of the products you ship to your customers.

For uni-dimensional measurement variables there are a number of generally acknowledged quality-relevant parameters. For a two-dimensional variable such as unbalance, however, no official measurement standard has been defined as yet - experts are currently working on suitable standards and guidelines. However, a range of methods exist already now, from which suitable procedures can be selected.

The selection of specific quality -relevant quantities and tolerances requires the expertise of specialists such as those available at Schenck. Their competence will ensure the highest possible degree of process reliability at reasonable cost.


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