Cost-optimised balancing therefore starts with optimising the design of a workpiece

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Testing your designs

Designs created on paper - or in your CAD system, for that matter - are sometimes far from ideal from a balancing point of view. In spite of the use of advanced development tools, ever-shorter development cycles involve the latent risk of components or assemblies being designed - from crankshafts to high-speed electric armature to the interior ventilator of a car - which are extremely time-consuming and labour-intensive when it comes to balancing. Overlooking balancing at the development stage may cost you dear later on.

For us at Schenck RoTec, cost-optimised balancing therefore starts with optimising the design of a workpiece. Using the finite-element method, the behaviour of a rotor - be it a crankshaft, an electric armature or a pump rotor - can be accurately simulated. Based on our long-standing experience, we can provide you with a wealth of knowledge for designing your rotors and assemblies. This will eliminate unpleasant surprises and render design and production more cost -efficient – thereby enhancing the performance of your products.


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